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Institute of Energy and Climate Research

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Projects: Materials for Advanced Power Plants

Development of thermal spray technology
Partner: Oerlikon-Metco

  • Development of a high-velocity plasma spraying process
  • Development of parameters for the TriplexPro-200 for Low-Pressure Plasma Spraying (LPPS)
  • Production of columnar-structured thermal barrier coatings via PS-PVD
  • Examination of the spitting phenomenon in PS-PVD

High-performance process near-net-shape coating
Partner: Lufthansa Technik

Development of repair procedures for aircraft gas turbines
Partner: Rolls-Royce

DFG-Projekt: Study of double-layer thermal barrier coatings
Partners: Dechema, TH Darmstadt

DFG-Projekt: Residual stresses in thermal spray coatings
Partner: KIT

Development and testing of abradable coatings
Partner: Rolls Royce

Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) Transregio: Single-crystal superalloys
Partners: Ruhr Universität Bochum, Universität Erlangen

EU-Projekt: SAMBA development of self-healing thermal barrier coatings
Partners: TU Delft, Alstom, RSE, GKN, Toulouse University

Testing of corrosion protection coatings for ceramic fibre composite materials
Partners: MAN Diesel & Turbo, DLR

Development and testing of CMAS-resistant thermal barrier coatings
Partners: Siemens, MTU, Rolls Royce

BMBF Project: MAXCOM, MAX Phase composites: new materials for elevated temperature service

JARA Energy Seed Funds: Novel ceramic foams for heat exchangers at high temperature
Partner: Institute of Metallurgy and Metal Physics, RWTH