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Institute of Energy and Climate Research
Materials Synthesis and Processing (IEK-1)

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Substrate and Layer Materials (Selection)

  • Oxide ceramics
    e.g. ZrO2, Y2O3-ZrO2, NiO, perovskites such as La-Sr-Mn-, La-Sr-Fe-Co- and Ba-Sr-Co-Fe-Oxide, spinels
  • Metals
    e.g. Crofer22APU, Ni, stainless steels

Substrate and coating manufacturing technologies available to IEK-1Available substrate and layer production methods at IEK-1, depending on desired thickness

(APS: atmospheric plasma spraying, CVD: chemical vapour deposition, HVOF: high-velocity flame spraying, IJP: inkjet printing, PVD: physical vapour deposition, RC: roll coating, SP: screen printing, SPS: suspension plasma spraying, TC: tape casting, VPS: vacuum plasma spraying, VSC: vacuum slip casting, WPS: wet powder spraying)