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Energy Systems Engineering (IEK-10)

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IEK-10 develops models and algorithms for the simulation, optimization and control of energy systems.


IEK-10 develops models and algorithms for the simulation, optimization and control of energy systems, which are characterized by a high spatial and temporal variability of energy supply and demand, an increasing degree of intersectoral dependencies as well as an increasing digitalization. The focus is on multi-physical energy grids, industrial energy systems, and buildings and districts. A major goal of the research is to provide scalable and faster-than-real-time capable methods and tools that enable energy-optimal, cost-efficient and safe design and operation of these future energy systems. For this purpose, physical-technical system descriptions are combined with machine learning methods and customized simulation and optimization methods are developed especially for multicore, cluster and high-performance computers, which enable the handling of large-scale problems. With the help of the Reallabor "Living Lab Energy Campus" as well as a "Hardware-in-the-loop" laboratory, these innovative solution approaches for future energy systems are tested and validated under almost realistic conditions.


Energy Grids

Energy Grids

develops and applies models for the simulation and optimization of multi-physical energy infrastructures. More: Energy Grids …

Buildings and Districts

Building and Districts

develops and demonstrates innovative low-carbon and energy efficient solutions for buildings and (city) districts More: Building and Districts …

Industrial Energy Systems

Industrial Energy Systems

focuses on economic and low-CO2 solutions for industrial sites integrating electricity, heat, cooling, and chemical energy carriers. More: Industrial Energy Systems …

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IEK-10 offers many opportunities for engineers and mathematicans to work in an interdisciplinary environment. We supervise Bachelor, Master and doctoral theses. More: Career at IEK-10 …