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Research Area 2 - Solid cationic electrolytes

Research area 2 predominantly focused on Li+- and Na+-ion conductors. Current solid cation-conducting electrolytes mostly exhibit lower ionic conductivities than liquid electrolytes. However, they also exhibit several advantages like higher thermal and chemical stability and in particular high ionic transference numbers. As a conductivity of 10-2 to 10-3 S/cm is likely to achieve, the high transference number would make solid electrolytes excellent candidates compared to liquid electrolytes of the same total conductivity.

In this research area, the main scientific challenge is to further develop already known and to find new solid cationic conductors, which are applicable in the 30 - 400 °C range and which can be easily processed. In addition, this research area includes the investigation of the compatibility of electrolyte/electrode combinations and the morphological changes at these interfaces.

Conduction paths (shown in light blue) in the NASICON-type structure.

Task leader and coordinator: Dr. Frank Tietz