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Thermochemical Modeling of the Microstructure

The energy consumption increases each year more. If in Europe, the tendency seems to stay stable and even decreasing a bit, the emergence of other country will increase the demand of energy multiply by a factor of 3 until 2050. In the same time, the resources decrease, if many effort are made on sustainable production of energy with solar panel and wind park for example, other effort are made to improve the actual technology of coal power plant. The efficiency have been already improve a lot, allow actually a working power plant at vapor to 530 ° C / 150 bars till à 600 ° C / 280 bar. Materials should support these harsh temperature and pressure. So an improvement of them is necessary.

Our work is based on a steel called Crofer 22H developped by the Forschungszentrum Jülich and Thyssen Krupp. This steel has the particularity to have precipitation of Laves phase in the matrice of the material. These Laves phases are formed from these different elements present in the Crofer 22H and allow an improvement of the creep strength and the corrosion stability.

Further development of this material is nevertheless not possible due to the lack of thermodynamic. In this work, the focus is made on the determination of missing thermodynamic properties of Laves phases.


NbFe2 -Laves PhaseNbFe2 -Laves Phase

NbCr2 -Laves PhaseNbCr2 -Laves Phase