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BmBF-Kopernikus - FC-A3

High Temperature Co-Electrolysis for Synthesis Gas Generation


· Dechema Forschungsinstitut (DFI)

·  Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V. (DLR)

·  Fraunhofer IWM / ISE

·  Heraeus GmbH & Co. KG

·   Linde AG

·   Sunfire GmbH

·   Wuppertal Institut

The aim of the research cluster "High Temperature Co-Electrolysis for Synthesis Gas Generation" (FC-A3) is the conversion of carbon dioxide and water vapor with electricity from renewable energy sources to synthesis gas (power-to-syngas). The research and development of co-electrolysis technology in transient operation will provide tailor-made synthesis gas compositions for the subsequent production of fuels and industrial raw materials.

The big advantage of high-temperature co-electrolysis is the possibility to produce tailor-made synthesis gas compositions without downstream process steps. In addition, the high-temperature electrolysis has a comparatively low energy consumption. In the case that the heat demand can be covered by waste heat from upstream or downstream processes, the efficiency of the co-electrolysis process even increases to values greater than 100%.