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Project: Touch: platform for technology and characterization of high-efficiency Silicon heterojunction solar cells

Touch is an investment project supporting the realization of Silicon heterojunction (SHJ) solar cells on industrially relevant sized wafers with a reproducible conversion efficiency over 22 %. Furthermore, Touch aims at the development of innovative concepts and industrially relevant manufacturing processes, which can increase the efficiency by 3-4 %. SHJ solar cells offer themselves readily to cost-effective mass production because of their simple structure and low process temperatures compared to other crystalline Silicon (c-Si) solar cells. The challenge in mass-producing SHJ solar cells lies in the reproducible deposition of thin, functional layers. Because IEK-5 has done extensive research in the Silicon thin film technology over the last 20 years the SHJ technology is a new strategic core topic of the institute since 2016. By building up a complete SHJ-baseline IEK-5 aims at taking up a leading role in the field of high-efficiency SHJ solar cells within the next two years.

The project realizes the extension of the SHJ baseline at IEK-5 with new machines for production and characterization of high-efficiency SHJ solar cells as well as operation of the machines. The new machines complete the process chain for production of the SHJ solar cells ranging from wet-chemical pre-treatment, to thin film depositioning and metallization. The newly purchased characterization tools enable fast evaluation of the resulting SHJ solar cells based on state-of-the-art technology. The project budget covers following deposition and characterization systems: a new sputter system for the deposition of thin films on wafers with high through-put, an ellipsometer for film-thickness measurements, as well as an UV-Raman spectrometer for the determination of the crystalline volume ratio of thin films on wafers.