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Structure Research

The department of structure research performs fundamental molecular level studies of material properties with the aim to deliver crucial information for the final disposal of high-level nuclear waste. This includes joint experimental and theoretical investigations of chemical, structural and thermodynamic properties addressing specific questions of final disposal (secondary phase formation, waste forms and spent fuel evolution), pre-disposal (extraction efficiency as a factor of coordination chemistry of lanthanides and actinides) and safeguards (e.g., characterization of nuclear materials). This basic research of the department provides the solid scientific basis for successful applied materials research being performed at IEK-6 in general.

The studies are performed within the framework of the NUSAFE program in cooperation with partners from HZDR (Dresden) and KIT (Karlsruhe) and various external partners, with the Jülich strong points on solid state chemistry, structural characterization of ordered/disordered materials and utilization of high performance computing infrastructure for molecular-level modeling of complex solids.

The solid state chemistry group is currently revealing fundamental crystal-chemical trends for actinides and selected fission products aiming into better understanding of complex chemical processes taking place in nuclear waste disposal scenarios. The structural analytics group aims into the development of novel and sophisticated diffraction and spectroscopic methods of solid state materials characterization. The atomistic modeling group utilizes and develops advanced methods of computational materials science for reliable computer-aided characterization of nuclear waste materials and processes on atomic scale. The three groups that form the structure research department follow an interdisciplinary approach based on parallel and correlated work.

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