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InstitutionWorking Group
Emissions from plantsEnclosures, adsorption tubes GC-MS ICG-IIDr. Koppmann
Vertical distribution of VOC and oxidation productson-line GC-MS ICG-IIDr. Koppmann
Soil emissions of VOCEnclosures, adsorption tubes, GC-MSICG-IIDr. Koppmann
Vertical distribution of HOx-radicals Laser-induced fluorescenceICG-IIDr. Hofzumahaus
Dr. Holland
Measurement of photolysis frequenciesSpectral radiometer, filter radiometerICG-IIDr. Hofzumahaus
Vertical distribution of peroxi radicals and NO3Matrix-Isolation-Electron-Spin-ResonanceICG-IIDr. Mihelcic
Meteorological parametersMeteorological tower, different masts in the forest standSDr. Knaps
TracerexperimentsSF6-Monitor and GC-ECDSDipl.-Met. Möllmann-Coers
Emission and uptake of VOC by plantsPlant chambers, on-line GC-MSICG-IIIDr. Wildt
Simulation experimentsAtmospheric simulation chamber SAPHIRICG-IIProf. Dr. Wahner
Plant emissionsEnclosures, adsorption tubes GC-MSMPIProf. Kesselmeier
VOC fluxesEddy Covariance, CIMSMPIProf. Kesselmeier
Physiological parameters of the plantsMeasurements of CO2, H2OMPIProf. Kesselmeier
VOC fluxesRelaxed Eddy AccumulationMPIProf. Kesselmeier
Vertical distribution of NOx and OzonChemiluminescenceMPIProf. Meixner
Soil emissions of NOAutomatic incubation systemMPIProf. Meixner
VOC and oxidation products in the gas phaseadsorptive preconcentration, thermo desorption/GC/MSISASDr. Hoffmann
Particle bound VOC oxidation productsFilter/Impactor sampling followed by derivatisation/GC/MS resp. Micro-HPLC/MSISASDr. Hoffmann
EC/OC-matter of the particle phaseSampling with quartz filtersISASDr. Hoffmann
Optimization of the field site in the wind tunnelWind tunnelUHHProf. Schatzmann
Dr. Leitl
Quantification of the variability of the field dataWind tunnelUHHProf. Schatzmann
Dr. Leitl