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Integration of European Simulation Chambers for Investigating Atmospheric Processes


EUROCHAMP in general

EUROCHAMP is a research project funded within the EC 6th Framework Programme, Section "Support for research Infrastructures - Integrated Infrastructure Initiative". 11 European Partners are the backbone of this project, which provides a grid of environmental chambers designed for the the scientific investigation of atmospheric chemical processes. For further details see the EUROCHAMP web page and references therein. An overview on the technical data and publications of the different chambers within EUROCHAMP is provided on this server.

EUROCHAMP at Forschungszentrum Jülich

Forschungszentrum Jülich is one partner in EUROCHAMP Consortium. Two large environmental chambers are operational at the Institute IEK-8 (Troposphere).

  • The Aerosol Chamber is dedicated to reasearch of heterogeneous chemistry in the dark.
  • The SAPHIR is a unique simulation facility which provides a platform for atmospheric chemistry experiemnts and instrument intercomparasion under near-natural conditions of trace gases and solar radiation.

EUROCHAMP data access

The main database server of the EUROCHAMP project is located at CEAM, Valencia, Spain. It is possible to access similar experiments from different environmental chambers through an unified interface.

The data of EUROCHAMP are at the site of origin. It was agreed on during the Nov 2006 Valencia meeting to have a unified format. The EUROCHAMP site at SAPHIR provides access to tools and information about the data format.

Direct access to part of the Jülich data is provided here:

The password can be obtained from Theo Brauers.

Data formats, data base, etc.

  • Data File Formats for exchange within Eurochamp
  • Workshop on data handling, local databases, and related issues, Jülich, 2005 Aug 22/23