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Technical data

SAPHIR was designed to meet the following criteria:

  • chemically inert internal surfaces
  • large volume to surface ratio
  • clean air supply for simulation of remote atmospheres
  • variable access to the measurement volume for instruments
  • international platform for basic research and for intercomparisons of measurements
  • wide range of standard equipment for trace gas measurements

These design criteria were met through the design as a double-wall Teflon film cylinder of 5 m diameter and 20 m length providing a volume of 270 m3 at a surface of 324 m2.



hydroxyl-radicals (OH)  laser absorption spectroscopy (DOAS)   
hydroxyl-radicals (OH), and HO2, RO2 laser-induced fluorescence (LIF)   
OH reactivityLaser Photolysis - Laser Induced Fluorescence (LP-LIF)
hydrocarbons up to C6 gas chromatography
volatile hydrocarbons up to C10gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
carbon monoxide (CO)gas chromatography
PAN (peroxyacetyl nitrate)gas chromatography
hydrocarbonsproton-transfer-reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometry (PTR-TOF-MS)
ozoneUV absorption-spectrometry
solar radiationspectroradiometer
nitric oxide, nitrogen oxideschemiluminescence
NO3 / N2O5Cavity ring-down spectroscopy
CO, CO2, H2O, CH4Cavity ring-down spectroscopy
aerosol propertiesCPC, SMPS
aerosol compositionaerosol mass spectrometry (AMS)
temperature, humidity, air pressurestandard instruments

Detailed technical data:

shape:   cylinder   
volume:   270 m3   
surface:  324 m2   
surface/volume ratio:  1.08 m-1   
diameter:  5 m   
length:  20 m   
wall material:  FEP-Teflon, double-wall  
wall thickness:  150 mm   
lighting:  sun  
shading:  louvre system, several stages  
closing time:  60 s   
gas purity:  N2/O2 6.0   
maximum purge rate:  300 m3/h   
temperature range:  outside temperatur   
operation pressure:  1000 hPa