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H2FC European Infrastructure


Integrating European Infrastructure to support science and development of Hydrogen und Fuel Cell Technologies towards European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive and Secure Energy

The main objective of H2FC European Infrastructure is to generate a structured and integrated alliance based on complementary, state-of-the-art, or even beyond state-of-the-art unique infrastructures to serve the needs of the scientific hydrogen and fuel cells community and facilitate future research. In more detail, H2FCEuropean Infrastructure general aims can be summarised as follows:
• To provide a single integrated virtual infrastructure to accommodate hydrogen and fuel cell communities’ test and analysis facilities.
• To provide transnational access for the hydrogen and fuel cell research communities to member state infrastructures.
• To create a number of expert working groups to enhance work at the provided facilities and to seek more general coordination in the aspects safety, performance and durability.
• To provide central databases and libraries of safety, performance and durability data and modelling codes.
• To coordinate relevant education and training, pertinent to the set-up, use and maintenance of hydrogen and fuel cell research, test and assessment facilities.
• To integrate, enhance and improve on the existing infrastructure.
• To coordinate actions with national and international bodies, with academic and industry demands.

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