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Large-Scale Nuclear Physics Equipment (IKP-4)


Research Priorities

  • Accelerator Research and Studies of Medium-Energy Hadron Physics

    • Operation and development of the accelerator facility COSY comprising

      • the isochronous cyclotron JULIC as the pre-accelerator,
      • the cooler synchrotron COSY-Jülich, and
      • various experimental facilities.
    • Proton and deuteron beams, unpolarized and polarized, with beam momenta between 300 MeV/c and 3.7 GeV/c are available. They are distinguished by high brilliance obtained with electron or stochastic phase space cooling.
    • Internal and external experimental facilities to perform experiments in the field of medium-energy hadron physics.
  • Research and Development for the "High-Energy Storage Ring", which is part of the new project "International Accelerator Facility for Ions and Antiprotons" of the GSI Darmstadt.

The Cooler Synchrotron COSY-Jülich has the capability to store and accelerate unpolarized as well as polarized proton and deuteron beams injected from the injector cyclotron JULIC after pre-acceleration to a momentum of 300 MeV/c for protons and 550 MeV/c for deuterons. The proton and deuteron beams can be accelerated up to momenta of 3.7 GeV/c.

Cooling with electrons in the lower momentum range and stochastic cooling in the upper momentum regime result in high brilliance proton and deuteron beams that are provided for internal as well as external experiments.

The internal experiments which are an integral part of the COSY accelerator ring and external experiments set up in separate areas are predominantly used for fundamental research in medium-energy hadron physics.

In parallel to the operation of COSY the cyclotron beam alone may be also used for irradiation and nuclide production.

Facilities and Opportunities for Cooperation

  • Cooler synchrotron COSY delivering high-brilliance proton and deuteron beams (polarized as well as unpolarized) with beam momenta up to 3.7 GeV/c
  • Isochronous cyclotron with proton beams of about 300 MeV/c momentum and deuteron beams with a momentum of 550 MeV/c

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