Borjana Arsova

Dr. Borjana Arsova

Head of research- Root Dynamics group


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Wilhelm-Johnen-Straße 1

Institute of Bio- and Geosciences (IBG)

Plant Sciences (IBG-2)

Building 06.1 / Room 211

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About me

My scientific interest lies in the study of plant nutrient uptake from the soil through the plant root, particularly in the sensing and signaling pathways involved in the detection of various nutrients. More recent studies expand this focus to the use of beneficial microbes as means to improve plant performance under abiotic stress and include the plant (metabolic) adaptation to the presence of these microorganisms under nutrient limitation. In the Root Dynamics group, I lead projects that span from lab to field.

Methodology: Previous experience includes the use of systemic approaches like proteomics and transcriptomics to investigate the response of a whole organism or tissue, as well as targeted molecular biology for functional analysis of single genes and proteins. Since coming to IBG-2 I link this experience to the use of non-invasive phenotyping approaches to understand the temporal component in the dynamics of plant-microbe interactions. Now, molecular approaches are carried out in close correlation to phenotype development through time. We use gnotobiotic systems in the lab, various highly controlled platforms available in IBG-2, semi-field phenotyping in the green-house and field experiments.

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