Simon Musall

Prof. Dr. Simon Musall

Head of the in-vivo neurophysiology lab.

Junior Professor of Neuromodulation, RWTH Aachen

Research Topics

Neural network function, Decision-making, Multisensory processing, Neuromodulation, Pathway-specific information transfer, In-vivo Neurophysiology


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52428 Jülich

Institute of Biological Information Processing (IBI)

Bioelectronics (IBI-3)

Building 02.4v / Room 218

You can find us here

About me

Understanding how living neural networks integrate sensory inputs from many different senses to guide accurate behavior is crucially important to revealing the basic mechanisms of neural information processing in the healthy and diseased brain.

To address this question, we study the brain function of mice that perform different behavioral tasks. We use a combination of different methods, such as high-density electrophysiology and functional imaging, that allow us to monitor and manipulate the activity of large populations of individual neurons with high precisions.

Our main focus is to reveal how multisensory information is represented in cortical neural networks and which brain areas are particularly important to guide behavioral decisions. Moreover, we study how information is shared across brain regions through specific projection pathways and how information processing and transmission are governed by neuromodulation.

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