Sabine Schröder

Sabine Schröder

Scientific Programmer


+49 2461/61-6397

+49 2461/61-6656




Team: Earth System Data Exploration


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52428 Jülich

Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS)

Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC)

Building 16.3 / Room 338

About me

I have many years of experience in interdisciplinary IT developments and technologies in the environmental sciences. This experience includes in-depth knowledge of handling a wide range of data and data types. During my career, I have worked with a large amount of heterogeneous measurement data as well as high-end climate models and gained insight into scientific data, especially air chemistry and meteorological variables. I also have programming experience in various scientific fields. Working on large data sets for statistical analysis or visualisation is one of my main focuses. I am the main developer of the TOAR database and have experience with database management systems, especially PostgreSQL. In particular, the development of the TOAR database led to a broad overview of different aspects of data from curation to harmonisation to quality control and FAIRness. During this development, tools and applications were implemented for easy user access to the database: The TOAR-I database is freely accessible through a graphical user interface ( and a Representational State Transfer (REST) API ( The REST API provides full access to all information in the database and has a variety of statistical aggregations, making it possible to create standardised analysis workflows for global tropospheric ozone data that allow users to visualise and compare data with other datasets and model observations. Another focus of my work is Open Data and Open Software. Therefore, we are redesigning the database schema to further improve the FAIRness of this global air quality data repository and to align the TOAR data services with the principles defined by the RDA and EOSC Hub. The redesign of the TOAR data infrastructure also includes further standardisation of the web services for data analysis and automated data quality control tools. The TOAR Database Infrastructure, which our working group operates, has recently been certified as a Trustworthy Data Repository by CoreTrustSeal (

Last Modified: 04.09.2023