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Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine
Molecular Organization of the Brain (INM-2)

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Molekulares Neuroimaging

Molecular Neuroimaging

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Bauer
The focus of our research is on metabolic and neurochemical processes which underlie fundamental functions of the brain (e. g. sleep-wake regulation) and neurological and psychiatric diseases (e.g. dementia, depression). More

AG Funktion neuronaler Schaltkreise

Function of Neuronal Circuitries

Prof. Dr. Dirk Feldmeyer
The department „Function of Neuronal Circuitries” works on structural and functional aspects of synaptic transmission and their modulation on the level of neuronal networks, single neurons, and synapses of the neocortex during development and in the adult brain. More


Structure of Synapses

Prof. Dr. Joachim Lübke
The department „Structure of Synapses“ works on structural and functional aspects of synaptic transmission and plasticity on the level of synapses and their target structures in the developing adult and pathologically altered brain. More



Prof. Dr. Björn Kampa
The Optophysiology Laboratory investigates the neural circuits of decision-making in mice navigating in virtual reality. More: Optophysiology …

Key Visual Einweihung Jülicher PET-Zentrum

PET Centre

The new PET Centre for brain research is a cornerstone of the Medicine Campus at Jülich. Here, scientists investigate the structure and function of the healthy and diseased human brain and develop methods of diagnosing and treating neurological and psychiatric disorders.
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Using PET for the Evaluation of Innovative Analgetics with Dual Mode of Action (Dual²PET)

Innovative drugs targeting two modes of action based on one chemical structure are a promising novel therapeutic approach in medicine. More