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List of current MD/PhD students

Department Molecular Neuroimaging:

C. Ding

J. Fronczek

X. He

S. Laskowski

D. Schneider

Department Structure of Synapses:

M. Prume

R. Yakoubi

Department Function of Neuronal Microcircuits:

R. Rama

K. Schaffrath

D. Yang

Group Optophysiology (RWTH Aachen)

M. Robacha

Completed MD/PhD theses

Dr. Vishalini SivarajanFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2017Modulation of synaptic transmission in the developing rat barrel cortex
Dr. Danje NabbiMolecular Neuroimaging2016Der Einfluss einer chronischen Koffeinapplikation auf das adenosinerge System im Hinblick auf schlafregulierende und neuroprotektive Effekte im ZNS der Ratte
Dr. Max AnstötzStructure of Synapses2016Developmental profile, morphology and synaptic connectivity of Cajal-Retzius cells in the neocortex and hippocampus
Dr. Jiali TangFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2015Noradrenergic modulation on neurons in rat barrel cortex- A patch-clamp in vitro study
Dr. Claudia BarzFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2014Neuronal correlates of repetitive whisker stimulation in the Neuregulin 1 mouse model of schizophrenia
Dr. Manuel MarxFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2014Intralaminar and translaminar microcircuits involving excitatory and inhibitory neurons in layer 6B of the somatosensory rat barrel cortex.A morphological, physiological and immunofluorescence study


Completed Master theses

Anne Maren HochhausFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2015Dopaminergic modulation of excitatory and inhibitory neurons of the rat barrel cortex
Kristina Mertens Molecular Neuroimaging2014Circadian changes of type 5 metabotropic glutamate receptors  (mGluR5) in the rat brain

Completed Bachelor theses

Ekaterina AbsalowaMolecular Neuroimaging2015Die zirkadiane Regulation des Nukleosid-Transporters (ENT1) im Gehirn der Ratte
Anita GrochlaMolecular Neuroimaging2015Untersuchung der Expression des adenosinergen A1 Rezeptors im Rattenhirn mittels Positronen-Emissions-Tomographie und [18F]-CPFPX im tageszeitlichen Verlauf
Christina GroheMolecular Neuroimaging2015Autoradiographic study of striatal dopamine receptor D1, D2 and dopamine transporter in YAC128 mice treated with dimethyl fumarat
Jawad JawadiFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2015Konvertierung und Implementierung von 3D Tracing Dateien am Beispiel von neuronalen Rekonstruktionen in geeignete Datenbanken
Andrea RadermacherMolecular Neuroimaging2015Assessment of laboratory rats after stressful interventions with fecal corticosterone concentrations, weight and visual scoring and the potential influence of animals' stress on scientific results
Simone SchmitzFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2015Der posteromediale thalamische Nukleus im Rattenhirn und dessen Expression von FoxP2 in Neuronen
Ulrike Bandelow Molecular Neuroimaging2014Expression and localization of kainate receptor subunits KA1 and KA2 in the barrel field of the rat somatosensory cortex
Rodion HonischMolecular Neuroimaging2014Einfluss der Framedauer auf die Bildqualität in der Positronen-Emissions-Tomographie
Anja MauelMolecular Neuroimaging2014Optimierung der Bildqualität für schwache Quellen in der Positronen-Emissions-Tomographie
Eric Böhm Molecular Neuroimaging2013Entwicklung & Evaluation eines autoradiographischen Verfahrens zur Visualisierung und Quantifizierung von zerebralen ENT1-Transportern
Patrizia KlemmFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2013Morphological development of layer 2/3 pyramidal cells in rat barrel cortex
Jeremy LiethMolecular Neuroimaging2013Systematischer Aufbau eines Verfahrens zur Detektion des Interleukin-1 Rezeptors im Gehirn der Ratte
Dongling LiangFunction of Neuronal Microcircuits2012Morphological analysis of layer 5 pyramidal neurons in rat prefrontal cortex


Sivan AvronMolecular Neuroimaging2016NRW-Scholarship Program 2016
Mohammad HamdanMolecular Neuroimaging2015NRW-Scholarship Program 2015
Moran TitelbaumMolecular Neuroimaging2015NRW-Scholarship Program 2015
Polina KurtserMolecular Neuroimaging2014NRW-Scholarship Program 2014
Hisham HusseinMolecular Neuroimaging2013NRW-Scholarship Program 2013
Medhat Hesham M. SamuhMolecular Neuroimaging2013NRW-Scholarship Program 2013
Dina Alghazzawi Molecular Neuroimaging2012NRW-Scholarship Program 2012
Ariel HoffmannMolecular Neuroimaging2012NRW-Scholarship Program 2012

Job training

Nadja HermesMolecular Neuroimaging2016Biological laboratory technican
Alexandra DrechselMolecular Neuroimaging2015Biological laboratory technican
Sabina KleinMolecular Neuroimaging2014Biological laboratory technican
Sabrina Faßbender Molecular Neuroimaging2013Biological laboratory technican