Concepts and Tools for Research Data Management


Research is based on the acquisition and analysis of scientific data. The amount and complexity of research data today is unprecedented. Therefore data annotation and management has become a challenge on its own. A key to purposeful and sustainable use of research data is achieving data interoperability using rich FAIR metadata.

We are a team of data stewards, software developers and scientists with backgrounds in the various research domains represented at the Forschungszentrum Jülich (Material Science, Physics, Computer Science, Genetics & Neuroscience). Our team is committed to contribute to an overall improvement of data interoperability by developing new concepts, tools and techniques for generating metadata and put it to use during the research process.

Research Topics

We are collaborating within the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (Metdata Hub Information & FAIRdataCommons), a Helmholtz Incubator platform, and as part of NFDI-MatWerk, an inter-institutional consortium in the Material Science domain. Here and in our other projects we (1) develop software tools and services, (2) Work on data interoperability, FAIRness and Ontology development, and (3) we are reaching out to scientific communities in order to create awareness for the potential of purposefully managed research data.


Dr. Volker Hofmann


Building TZA / Room D1.13

+49 241/927803-21



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