Qualification Services

JuDocS is currently in the process of developing support and qualification measures for supervisors. Among other measures, this involves the implementation of a training course developed by the Supervisors’ Forum.

Supervision 101

This training course´s main objective is to make Forschungszentrum Jülich supervisors aware of the tools and background knowledge that would allow them to become more effective and successful in shaping the newer generation of graduate students and doctoral researchers. Supervision 101 is a one-day training course and addresses four main themes and related subtopics:

  1. Roles and responsibilities;
  2. Recruiting of doctoral researchers;
  3. Goal setting and evaluation;
  4. Communication

Supervision 101 will be organized as a practical training course with an equal amount of lectures and hands-on practical exercises. The practical exercises will be conducted in small groups and are meant to provide practical experience with the concepts and ideas that have been explained in the lectures.

Last Modified: 09.03.2023