Supervisors´ Forum

Supervisors in the Forschungszentrum Juelich are a very active community and are already present in many official councils. They are a vibrant part of the center and have a crucial role in shaping the formation of future generations of scientists. The Forum represents the place where Juelich supervisors meet, exchange ideas, and discuss the needs and issues of all who assume the responsibility of supervising Masters and PhD students in the Forschungszentrum.

The Forum is both a physical place, in that it convenes approximately twice a year, and a virtual place where people exchange information and messages both by email and a dedicated chat line. The Supervisors' Forum can be joined freely by any Juelich supervisor independently if he/she is new to supervision or it has practiced it for many years. Membership and participation is strictly voluntary and is very welcomed.

Mailing list:

Rocket Chat:

(The mailing list and the rocket chat are for Jülich Supervisors only)


The Forum elects a spokesperson who represents it and takes care of carrying out the decisions taken in its assembly. The current spokesperson is Dr. Edoardo Di Napoli (JSC)


The Supervisor Assembly is the backbone of the Supervisors’ Forum as it is constituted of all Jülich supervisors who wish to be represented by the Forum. It convenes twice a year and the meetings will be announced timely through the Forum’s mailing list. All Jülich supervisors are encouraged to actively participate in the meetings and thus deciding on the activities of the Forum as well as the way it represents their interests.

Forum Working Group

The Working Group (WG) is constituted by a small group of members of the Forum who voluntarily offer their time to support the spokesperson, organize the training activities, and carry out the tasks outlined by the Forum during its assembly. Any member of the Forum can be part of the working group. The activity of the WG is coordinated by the spokesperson.

Sprecherversammlung WG

Day-to-day supervisors are represented within the Sprechersversammlung (SV) by a working group of volunteers who take to the SV any item of relevance for the supervisors that needs to be discussed within the SV.

JuDocS Council

The Forum elects two of its members to represent the day-to-day supervisors in the JuDocs Rat. The current representatives are Dr. Edoardo di Napoli (JSC) and Dr. Tina Kroll (INM-2).

Last Modified: 04.07.2022