ML4Q Conference 2022 & Best Poster Award for Kristof Moors

The ML4Q conference 2022 took place in Oberlahr, Germany in early September.

ML4Q Conference 2022
A Lego model showcasing the three main ingredients of quantum computation.
Forschungszentrum Jülich / Jan Karthein

On the first day, within the frame of a Postdoc and PhD student retreat, the cluster offered interesting workshops, such as “Machine learning with python” and “Rendering fancy 3D figures with cinema 4D”.

The following days were filled with excellent talks from guest speakers and members of the cluster, highlighting and showcasing impressive work that has been done within the last year, as well as setting ambitious goals for the future.

ML4Q Conference 2022
The main conference hall in which the talks and lectures took place.
Forschungszentrum Jülich / Jan Karthein

In addition to the talks, there were poster sessions, allowing for the members to showcase their work and discuss it with other participants.

Kristof Moors’ (postdoctoral researcher at PGI-9) participation was awarded with the poster prize, after all the participants voted for their favorite.

ML4Q Conference 2022
Kristof Moors’ winning poster titled: "Modeling Majorana devices with topological insulator materials".
Forschungszentrum Jülich / Roudy Hanna

“It is an honor to have received the poster prize with such excellent contributions across the board,” Kristof Moors said, and went further by explaining: “In my poster, I presented our modelling approach for Majorana devices with topological insulator materials and summarized our simulation results, which we have obtained in recent months. As there is a lot of experimental work on such Majorana devices in the cluster, our simulations caught a lot of interest and sparked many interesting discussions and ideas for future collaboration.”

During a hike through the lovely landscape of the Westerwald there were further possibilities to socialize and network.

A well-organized event with a broad range of contributions, covering many different topics that are covered by the cluster, leaves one excited for next year’s conference.

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