Scheersberg trip

Scheersberg, June 27. 2022

On Monday 27th of June 2022, the PGI-9 members headed to Scheersberg - located in the north of Germany - for a one-week scientific retreat.

All PGI-9 members in the mudwalk
Forschungszentrum Jülich

The purpose of this retreat is to allow everyone to present their work in front of their colleagues to exchange ideas and expertise. In addition, external speakers were invited to enrich and expand our scientific knowledge.

Prof. Dr. Grützmacher kicked off the program by highlighting the achievements and future goals of PGI-9.

In the sessions afterward, each group leader introduced his/her research focus, followed by more detailed presentations given by their master's and Ph.D. students.

Evening lectures were reserved for the invited speakers:
Prof. Jacek Fiutowski - Mads Clausen Institute (MCI), SDU NanoSyd,
Prof. Alexander Brinkmann - TU Twente / Enschede,
Prof. Thomas Schröder - IKZ Berlin,
Prof. Markus Morgenstern - RWTH Aachen.

Prof. Fiutowski giving his presentation
Forschungszentrum Jülich

Furthermore, with Dr. Wolfgang Speier (from the PGI-Science Office), we discussed our visibility to the outside and how we can improve our online outreach to other enthusiastic researchers and students.

After work, everyone enjoyed their evenings by continuing scientific discussions, playing games or enjoying a drink with their colleagues.

Other activities such as sailing, swimming, biking or simple exploration of nearby cities like Flensburg kept everyone busy during the sunny weather (you can find pictures at the bottom of the page).

On Saturday 2nd of July 2022, we went on a 5km mud-walk to Oland island from Dagebüll to end the retreat with a special experience in the North Sea.

On Sunday 3rd of July 2022, the bus drove back to Jülich.

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