Semiconductor epitaxy and quantum optics - AG Pawlis


Our group conducts research on the development of novel quantum devices of II/VI and III/V semiconductor nanostructures such as single photon sources, spin qubits and nanowires. We take a holistic approach starting with molecular beam epitaxy of heterostructures, top-down and bottom-up nano-processing of the devices, and electrical and quantum optical characterization of the prototypes - all on-site and from a single source.

Research Topics

  • Growth, characterization and development of II-VI and III-V compound semiconductors.
  • In-situ fabrication of complex devices using shadow masks
  • Processing of quantum devices such as single photon sources, spin qubits and nanowires
  • Quantum optical characterization


PD Dr. Alexander Pawlis


Building 02.6 / Room 4024

+49 2461/61-2077


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