Silicon-based epitaxy and photonics - AG Buca


Our group is working on the development of materials of the 4th main group of the periodic table that can be monolithically integrated into today's silicon technology. We are working on Si-Ge-Sn heterostructures for high performance photonic and electrical devices such as room temperature lasers and infrared detectors. Recently we investigate the thermoelectric and magnetic properties of these materials.

Research Topics

  • Growth and characterization of Si-Ge-Sn heterostructures with industry-compatible CVD systems.
  • Ge1-xSnx laser with operating point at room temperature
  • Group IV alloys for thermoelectric devices
  • Investigation of the exotic magnetoelectric properties of group IV GeSn compounds


Dr. Dan Mihai Buca


Building 02.6 / Room 3022

+49 2461/61-3663


Group members

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