Project fact sheet

ML4Q stands for Matter and Light for Quantum Computing. The Cluster of Excellence started its scientific program in 2019 to lay the foundations for a comprehensive quantum technology with computing and networking capabilities. Top scientists from the fields of solid-state physics, quantum optics and quantum information are collaborating on this project.

After decades of rapid development, fundamental limits are becoming apparent in the miniaturization of computer hardware. The unchecked increase in demand for high-performance technology requires new approaches to solutions. Technologies based on the laws of quantum physics will foreseeably play a key role in this process. Computing power far beyond classical computers would make quantum computers powerful tools in designing new materials and chemicals or ensuring secure communications.

Project promotion and cooperation

Matter and Light for Quantum Information (ML4Q) is a Cluster of Excellence funded since 2019 within the Excellence Strategy of the German Research Foundation (DFG). ML4Q is a joint project of the Universities of Cologne, Aachen, Bonn and the Research Center Jülich.

The German website of ML4Q can be found here. On the website you can find, among other things, explanatory videos with ML4Q scientists and the ML4Q podcast.

Last Modified: 03.10.2022