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Gruppenbild: IEK-1 Oktober 2019

The organization chart of the Institute is interactive. Each page of the divisions, groups, etc. can be opened directly by clicking them.

Organization Chart IEK-1

Organization IEK-1 (refer to: Organigramm IEK-1 (pdf))
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Institutsleitung IT-Manager Bereichssicherheit Electrochemical storage Department Abteilung_FestoxidBrennstoff_Elektrolysezellen Department Gas separation membranes Materials for  power plant technology Department Scientific and administrative infrastructure Solid-State Batteries Team Materials Development Team Thin Film Technologies Team High-Temperature Cells Team Materials for protonconducting cells team Oxygen permeable membranes Hydrogen permeable membranes team High temperature protective coatings team Functional layer team Thermal coating technology team Ceramics-Matrix-Composits team Administration Microstructure Characterization team Modelling team Particle-Based Processing and Sintering

Organisational Diagram IEK-1 (pdf)

date of issue
09 Jan 2020

Institut of Energy- and Climate Research IEK-1: Materials and Processing

Organisational Diagram IEK-1 (pdf) (PDF, 39 kB)