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Information Material About Nuclear Fusion

A comprehensive information package abour nuclear fusion research is available for free, see below. On this page, you find the video and the PowerPoint presentation from this package as preview.

Video of Juelich Research Center about fusion research



Presentation about fusion

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Here opens a new window with a Flash-preview of our presentation about nuclear fusion (Version of 26.03.2012, 28 MByte). You may use them free of charge for private and educational purposes.

Info package

The information media mentioned below (prints and CDs/DVDs) are gratis. If you want to get the info package, please contact us: 

Tel. +49 2461-61-5201
Fax +49 2461-61-5452

In any case, we need your postal address, an e-mail address is not sufficient!

Video-DVD about fusion research in Jülich

Basic principles of nuclear fusion and the Jülich research programme as video for your DVD player in 16:9-format - in German and English. (c) Forschungszentrum Jülich. Text and implementation: Ralph P. Schorn. Producer: Capture MM, Düsseldorf.

Bild Fusionsvideo

PowerPoint and Flash presentation: Nuclear Fusion
Research for a new primary energy source

Educational information abour nuclear fusion for schools and other educational institutions. Only for your own use. Author: Ralph P. Schorn.

Bild PPT-Vortrag

Nuclear Fusion: Cleaner energy for the future.

Authors: Federico Casci, Doris Lanzinger (c) EFDA

EFDA BrochureCopyright: EFDA

Kernfusion in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft Deutscher Forschungszentren (only in German)

  • Physikalische Grundlagen der Kernfusion
  • Technologie des Fusionskraftwerks
  • Sicherheits- und Umwelteigenschaften
  • Sozio-ökonomische Aspekte
  • Experimentelle Anlagen
  • Fusionsforschung in Deutschland

145 p. - Authors: Werner Bahm, Isabella Milch, Ralph P. Schorn

Bild HGF-Broschüre