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Silicon Heterojunction Materials and Solar Cells

The silicon heterojunction (SHJ) solar cell group deals with the material and process development for SHJ solar cells covering the whole chain of the SHJ solar cell fabrication from the wet-chemical preconditioning of crystalline silicon wafers to the growth of functional thin-films and the final post-deposition thermal treatment. The process development focuses on the development of cost-efficient processes for the fabrication of interdigitated back-contacted (IBC) SHJ solar cells. The material development concentrates on the fabrication and characterization of silicon alloys as well as their implementation in SHJ solar cells. Additional working fields of the group in collaboration with other research groups at IEK-5 are (1) the application of nano-imprinted light trapping structures, (2) the development of perovskite-silicon-tandem, (3) the up-scaling of SHJ solar cell fabrication to industrial sizes, (4) the realization of SHJ solar cells on laser-crystalized mono-wafers, and (5) the 3D optoelectronic simulation of SHJ solar cell.

Silicon heterojunction solar cell

Team leader:

Dr. Kaining Ding