Heye Bogena

Dr Heye Bogena

Head of research group "Terrestrial observation platforms"


+49 2461/61-6752

+49 2461/61-2518


Orcid: 0000-0001-9974-6686


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52428 Jülich

Institut für Bio- und Geowissenschaften (IBG)

Agrosphäre (IBG-3)

Gebäude 16.6z / Raum R 3058


Research group

The research group develops operates terrestrial observation platforms for the continuous observation of the various terrestrial subsystems (i.e. atmosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, biosphere) for improving our understanding of the complex influences of climate change and land use change on terrestrial ecosystems by combining long-term observations with dedicated experiments and integrated modelling.

Research focus

The interdisciplinary study of global change impacts requires a sufficient number of research sites with different characteristics and sufficient replication in regions that are already affected by global change or where extreme landscape changes are taking place. Within the framework of TERENO, regional "terrestrial observatories" were set up in selected regions representative of Germany, where terrestrial observation platforms have been equipped with innovative measuring instruments. The long-term environmental observations are used to analyse extreme events, such as the droughts in past years or the extreme flood event in 2021, whereby the integrated approach allows the impact on all terrestrial subsystems (i.e. atmosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, biosphere) to be investigated.

Research interrest

  • Hydrological processes
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Geographical information systems
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