Volker Hofmann

Dr. Volker Hofmann

Head of Department (ct4RDM)


Scientific metadata, Ontology development, Knowledge Graphs, Cultural change in science, Data annotation, Neuroscience, FAIR, Semantic harmonization


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52428 Jülich

Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS)

Materials Data Science and Informatics (IAS-9)

Gebäude TZA-Aachen / Raum D1.13

Why and what i work on

Together with the team at IAS-9 and beyond I am working towards a culutral change on how research data is handled in science. Research schould be systematically documented, scientific data should be annotated with rich and FAIR metadata. I am specifically interested in methods and initiatives that aim at semantically aligning and harmonizing metadata and that link and represent data in large knowledge graphs (KGs).

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