Kyongok Kang

Dr. Kyongok Kang

Researcher in the Biomacromolecular Systems and Processes (IBI-4)


Charged DNA rods as a model system, Phase-transitions in electric-fields, Slow dynamics and glassy states, Protein-misfolding/Aggregations in weak electric-fields, Applied light scattering and image-time correlations


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52428 Jülich

Institut für Biologische Informationsprozesse (IBI)

Biomakromolekulare Systeme und Prozesse (IBI-4)

Gebäude 04.6 / Raum 94b

Warum und woran ich forsche

Dr. K. Kang (South Korean) is investigating both non-equilibrium phase transitions (in electric field and shear-flow) and the equilibrium orientation dynamics of interacting charged chiral DNA-virus rods, as well as slow dynamics and glass phenomena. She developed several instrumentations, such as image-time correlation, in-situ electric field small angle dynamic light scattering, and an electric birefringence setup, to investigate non-equilibrium phases/states. Her current research interests focus on the interactions of charged fibrous viruses, protein misfolding/ aggregation in electric fields, and the functional soft-matter composites, including the following subtopics:

• Protein-misfolding/Aggregations in weak electric-fields

• Polyamine-DNA interactions, Dissociations of condensed ions

• Biophysics and chirality, Replica Symmetry Breaking (RSB)

• Non-equilibrium phenomena, field-induced criticality

• Stress-driven non-uniform velocity profiles in shear-flow

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