Vincent Küppers


Multivariate Analysis, Cognitive Neuroscience, Sleep & Computational Psychiatry



Institut für Neurowissenschaften und Medizin (INM)

Gehirn und Verhalten (INM-7)

Gebäude 14.6y / Raum 3042

Warum und woran ich forsche

The aim of my research is to use different multivariate and machine learning methods to improve our understanding of the influence of individual factors associated with neurological and psychiatric disorders. I am interested in the relationship between sleep, depressive symptoms, and motor performance at both the behavioural and neurobiological levels. The behavioural space is assessed and visualised using several dimensionality reduction methods. Global and individual phenotypes are calculated and tested for stability and generalisability. In addition, associations between derived phenotypes and brain structure are assessed and individual behavioural expressions are predicted from neuroimaging data. With this work, I hope to contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between sleep, depressive symptoms, and motor performance, and thus move closer to clinical translation.

This project is a cooperation within the CRC-1451 "Key mechanisms of motor control in health and disease" between the Jülich Research Centre and the University Hospital Cologne.

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