Andreas Pohlmeier

Dr. Andreas Pohlmeier

Senior Scientist in "Modelling terrestrial systems: Soil-, root systems and rhizosphere processes: MRI for soil and plant research"


+49 2461/61-3188


Orcid: 0000-0001-7857-3667


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52428 Jülich

Institut für Bio- und Geowissenschaften (IBG)

Agrosphäre (IBG-3)

Gebäude 16.6 / Raum 211


Research focus

Water and salt mobility in soils as natural porous media are essential properties for the understanding of their function. Therefore we use NMR methods as non-invasive methods which probe directly the substances of interest: water and salt. More precisely, NMR relaxometry allows conclusions about the interaction of solutions with the pore system and imaging (MRI) can reveal structural and dynamic features with spatial resolution smaller than 100 microns. This we use for analysing root water and solute uptake, as well as salt accumulation and precipitation in porous media and water mobility inside these precipitates. Combination with numerical modelling allows a thorough characterization of such important processes.

Research interest

  • NMR relaxometry and imaging (MRI)
  • water dynamics in porous media
  • salt accumulation and precipitation
  • root soil interaction
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