Originally conceived to facilitate new ideas by considering the similarities of traffic and granular flow, TGF'13 now covers a broad range of topics related to driven particle and transport systems. Besides the classical topics of granular flow and highway traffic, its scope includes data transport (Internet traffic), pedestrian and evacuation dynamics, intercellular transport, swarm behaviour and collective dynamics of other biological systems.
Recent progress in modelling, computer simulation and phenomenology will be presented, and prospects for applications, for example to traffic control, will be discussed.
The conference intends to explore the interrelations between the above-mentioned fields and offers the opportunity to stimulate interdisciplinary research, exchange ideas, and meet many experts in these areas of research.

The conference covers, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Highway and urban vehicular traffic
  • Granular flow and dynamics of granular materials (jamming, force networks, dense and intermittent flows, friction, ...)
  • Pedestrian and evacuation dynamics
  • Collective motion in biological systems (swarm dynamics, molecular motors, social insects, ...)
  • Complex networks and their dynamics (transportation networks, Internet, epidemics, social networks, ...)
  • Intelligent traffic systems (ITS)

Last Modified: 02.01.2023