New Tool: METADOR

METADOR is here! This useful tool provides a file upload service with resumable uploads and rich metadata requirements. It can be use to comfortably share data in collaborations while enforcing submission of relevant metadata.

You can use METADOR to (1) predefine the metadata requirements for a specific dataset, (2) validate entered metadata against a schema, (3) associate your research data files with structured (JSON) metadata.

Key features of METADOR are:

  • structured submission interface – every data file is accompanied by structured metadata

  • can be deployed on your local infrastructure (server)

  • supports JSON Schema – you can continue using the standard suiting your data best

  • authentication via ORCID

  • resumable uploads prevent data loss

  • checksums guarantee file integrity

For more Information please visit our GitHub repository or contact us:

METADOR was developed by the Institute for Advanced simulation (IAS-9) at Forschungszentrum Jülich:

 New Tool: METADOR
Last Modified: 22.04.2022