Welcome to Aachen!

Aachen, 28. September 2021
With renovation work in the (new) corridors of the IAS-9 almost finished, the institute seized one of the last summerdays to welcome new international colleagues on a tour through the historic old town of Aachen.

View of Aachen Cathedral. Luckily, the weather stayed dry and sunny.
A. Steindl

The tour guide walked the group along cobblestoned alleys, historical places, medieval houses and famous fountains like the "Bahkauv" or "Monster of Aachen", said to haunt men who come home late at night.

Everyone tried the authentic "Aachener Printen" gingerbread cookies and listened closely to the historical stories about the Romans thermal baths, Emperor Charlemagne and the numerous nobles who visited Aachens natural hot springs over the centuries.

The tour ended with a glimpse into UNESCO World Heritage Aachen Cathedral with its splendidly decorated palatine chapel and octogonal cupola.

After the tour everyone enjoyed the view of the historic city hall, a fancy lemonade or a cool beer in a café on the marketplace.

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