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Elsevier Share Link to the publication "Shaping the energy transition in the residential sector: Regulatory incentives for aligning household and system perspectives" by G. Aniello, IEK-STE.

Notice dated January 1, 2023

HITEC Day “Sustainable energy systems: multi-dimensional challenges and trade-offs” of IEK-STE

On June 9, 2022, the HITEC Day organized by IEK-STE took place as a hybrid meeting within the framework of the graduate school HITEC (Helmholtz Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training in Energy and Climate Research, of Forschungszentrum Jülich. In eight presentations, scientists from IEK and TU Clausthal discussed the challenges of developing energy systems when multidimensional sustainability criteria are considered.

The first session focused on transformation scenarios for national and regional energy systems. These were discussed using the examples for Germany by Mr. Kullmann, IEK-3, and for the Rheinische Revier by Ms. Dieken and Mr. Dallendörfer, both IEK-STE. Mr. Vögele, IEK-STE, focused more on methodological aspects in his presentation, which dealt with the integration of socio-economic aspects into scenario analysis.

In the second session, the speakers focused more on the advantages and disadvantages of individual energy technologies. Mr. Buddenberg, TU Claustahl, discussed in detail wind power, which is indispensable for the energy transition in Germany. Mr. Lahnaoui, IEK-STE, dealt with another important building block of the energy transition - hydrogen. More specifically, with the potentials of hydrogen production in Sub-Saharan Africa. For Ms. Troy, hydrogen also plays an important role as an intermediate step to e-fuels production. In her presentation, she discussed the environmental impacts of producing dimethyl ether, among other things.

In the last session, things got a bit more methodical again. Mr. Ross, IEK-STE, showed approaches to quantify employment effects from economic developments and policy measures. The final presentation was given by Ms. Wulf, IEK-STE, who presented Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis. This analysis technique is intended to facilitate finding solutions to conflicting goals.

All presentations were followed by lively discussions among the almost 90 participants.

Programme HITEC Day

Presentation 1 - M. Dallendörfer & S. Dieken (IEK-STE)
Presentation 2 - S. Vögele (IEK-STE)
Presentation 3 - F. Kullmann (IEK-3)
Presentation 4 - J. Buddenberg (TU Clausthal)
Presentation 5 - S. Troy (IEK-STE)
Presentation 6 - A. Lahnaoui (IEK-STE)
Presentation 7 - A. Ross (IEK-STE)
Presentation 8 - C. Wulf (IEK-STE)

Notice dated July 1, 2022

Award of the Christian-Patermann-Prize 2022 to Sandra Venghaus and Till Tiso

Notice dated May 23, 2022

The STE's work on the Copernicus P2X project has been highlighted on the official Kopernicus homepage.

Notice dated May 18, 2022

May 11th, 2021

A. Schonhoff, A. Schreiber, P. Zapp have been nominated by the official jury for the Poster Award for the topic "Sustainable Bioeconomy: Impacts and Policies"

The Poster entitled "Sustainability Assessment of the Production of Microbial Bio-Based Surfactants" was deemed to be a particularly valuable contribution to the 29th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition 26 - 29 April 2021.

September 19th, 2019

For her presentation entitled "Analyzing the food-energy-water nexus in Germany - Insights from current resource management" Carolin Märker received the 'Best Contribution Award' at the KOSMOS Conference "Navigating the Sustainability Transformation in the 21st Century". The conference took place from August 28th until 30th in Berlin.

The award was given by the Scientific Advisory Board of the conference and includes a voucher for an open access publication in Frontiers in Earth Science.

September 6th, 2019

Christina Kockel (formerly IEK-STE) has received the Best Paper Award at the "International Conference on Energy, Ecology and Environment (ICEEE)" in Stavanger, Norway. The master student was supervised by Dr. Christina Wulf (IEK-STE).

April 1st, 2019

Launch of the website of the project REsCO. Economics of Climate Change - Collaborative project: Sustainable transformation of the energy system through community-based activities.

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