The IKP developes and builds the High Energy Storage Ring (HESR) for the accelerator facility FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) in Darmstadt, which is supposed to provide Antiprotons in an energy range between 0.83 GeV and 14 GeV for internal experiments.

The upcoming generaion of experiments investigating the strong interaction are going to work with antiprotons. The HESR is constructed with similar specifications as COSY, but a higher maximum energy. The IKP-4 has been commissioned by FAIR GmbH to develope and build this accelerator as part of the FAIR campus.

After the antiprotons have been produced by collision of high energy protons with a traget, they are collected in the Collector Ring "CR". At this point the collected antiproton beam is far to big for the HESR. Thus it is first cooled and send to the HESR after about 10s. 100 such bunches are collected (accumulated) there bevore the intensity necessary to conduct the planed experiments is reached. The injection energy of the HESR is 3 GeV and it can provide beam energies for experiments between 0.83 and 14 GeV. This corresponds to particle velocities between 84.8 and 99.8% of the speed of light. In the beginning the main user of the HESR will be the PANDA experiment. At PANDA a thin proton beam crosses the circulating HESR beam. The point of interaction is surrounded by detectors observing the processes during the particle collision as thoroughly as possible.

HESR for Pedestrians

Last Modified: 08.06.2022