Project fact sheet

Hallbar structure fabricated with a magnetically doped topological insulator. Copyright: Research Center Jülich / Michael Schleenvoigt

The MAGMA project (Magnetic topological insulators for robust Majorana bound states) will investigate interplay between magnetism, band topology and superconductivity, with the goal of realizing robust topological states as future building blocks for quantum computers. Our project will combine experiments, material simulations, and solid-state theory to study Majorana-bound states based on magnetic topological insulators (MTIs) with proximity-induced superconductivity. This project will lead to important new insights into MTIs in both theory and experiments. The latter, in turn, will lead us to the ultimate goal of our project, which is to uniquely identify Majorana-bound states in MTI nanowires and pave the way for their future use in topological quantum computers.

Project funding

The project is funded by the European QuantERA Program.


Our collaboration partners for this project are the University of Luxembourg, the University of the Balearic Islands and Imperial College London.

The project is described as part of the project catalog on the QuantERA website here.

A link to open PhD and postdoctoral positions can be found here.

Start of the QuantERA - MAGMA project.

Project duration

Summer 2022 - Summer 2025

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