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Universal Hybrid Optoelectronic Platform

As the exit from nuclear and fossil fuel energy comes closer and the demand for information and global communication increases, new concepts are called for which allow a low energy consumption. Nano-optoelectronic devices such as single photon sources are one possible solution to achieve fast, secure and low energy consumption data transfer. However, the preparation of such devices is in many ways difficult and resources consuming. Researchers at the PGI-9 devised a novel hybrid optoelectronic platform [1], which greatly simplifies production technology. The platform allows for an electrically induced emission in a wide range of wavelengths and has the potential for extreme low-energy consumption.

The hybrid optoelectronic platform consists of electrically driven nano-LEDs as the primary excitation source, which electro-optically pump nanocrystals (secondary excitation source). To this end, a nano-LED preparation technology was developed in which the LEDs are electrically isolated and contacted in such a way, that apexes form at their tops, in which the particles are deposited. The experimental results of a hybrid platform consisting of a group III-nitride based nano-LED and CdSe nanocrystal, as the primary and secondary excitation source, respectively, have been published recently [2]. We observed quantum size affected emission from the nanoparticles. A photon-photon conversion efficiency was calculated to be about 27 %. The efficiency can, however, be increased by adjusting the current flow and therefore the photon emission from the primary excitation source – the nano-LED. The hybrid approach has a great potential to induce a single photon emission, when suitable nanoparticles are employed. This universal hybrid optoelectronic platform is useful for a large range of mesoscopic and nanometer sized applications.

hybrid CdSe-III-N-nano-LED-V2Nanocrystal/III-nitride based nano-LED hybrid platform. Copyright Martin Mikulics @ Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH.

[1] M. Mikulics and H. Hardtdegen
Single Photon Source Suitable for Mass Production and Production Method
patent specification WO2014094705 A1, 2013

[2] M. Mikulics, Y.C. Arango, A. Winden, R. Adam, A. Hardtdegen, D. Grützmacher, E. Plinski, D. Gregušová, J. Novák, P. Kordoš, A. Moonshiram, M. Marso, Z. Sofer, H. Lüth and H. Hardtdegen
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Appl. Phys. Lett. 108 (2016) 061107

Contact: Dr. Hilde Hardtdegen