Current Schedule

Current Schedule

Here you will find the up-to-date ONLINE PROGRAMME for registered attendees.

Useful Maps for Getting Around Aachen

Guided Tour of Aachen: Meeting Point

Here you can find a map of how to get to the Elisenbrunnen where the guided tour will start at 15:45 and end at around 17:15. Please make sure you are wearing suitable clothing and comfortable footwear.

Here is another more detailed map showing how to get from the Elisenbrunnen to the Aachen Tivoli once the guided tour has finished. This is where the Conference Dinner will take place.

Conference Dinner

The Aachen Tivoli football stadium is home to the Alemannia Aachen football club, an impressive place especially for an evening visit. Please use the entrance described here.

Important dates

Abstracts open 15.03.2023

Abstracts Closing 15.05.2023

Registration open 17.04.2023

Early Bird Registration Closing 16.08.2023

18.09.2023 Planned reception

19. - 21.09.2023 DENIM Main Event

18.09.2023 ISNIE Summer School

The 2023 ISNIE Summer School is offering an Introduction to Neutron Chopper Systems (Choppers 101). This interactive and informative introductory course is specifically designed for younger and less experienced members of the community.

Due to limited seating availability, the school organization committee will need to select participants from the list of applicants. In a timely manner, latest end of August, a confirmation or rejection email will be sent to those who have already registered for the event.

Last Modified: 14.09.2023