Humboldt Research Award Goes to Visiting Professor at ER-C

19 July 2017

Prof. Leslie John Allen, Visiting Professor at the Ernst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons in Jülich, has been presented with a Humboldt Research Award for his work on understanding ultra-high resolution electron microscopy. The physicist from the University of Melbourne, Australia, who joined the Jülich research team in May, was honoured with the prize in June at the annual meeting in Berlin of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The Foundation grants the award in recognition of the entire achievements to date of academics from abroad whose fundamental discoveries, insights or new theories have had a lasting impact on their discipline, and who are expected to continue with their innovative, cutting-edge achievements in the future. Moreover, the award supports academics from abroad visiting Germany to undertake research.

Professor Allen is a theoretical physicist and has made significant contributions to understanding how atomic resolution transmission electron microscopes produce images of materials. Using these instruments, it was possible to determine the type and number of single atoms in given samples.

Allen plans to stay at the ER-C until December, and to follow up with subsequent visits in the coming years. He had previously taken part in successful collaborations with the ER-C before his current visit.

Humbolt Prize
Prof. Leslie John Allen (right) at the Humboldt Research Award ceremony during the annual meeting of the Humboldt Foundation at the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin on 29 June.
Humboldt Foundation/David Ausserhofer

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