Information on climate change

With research at IEK, we are trying to better understand the important processes surrounding climate change. However, many facts about climate change have been known for a long time and are well explained in textbooks or on websites.

Here is a selection of references to essential aspects on the topic of climate change:


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is an international panel with the purpose of compiling the worldwide state of research on the effects of global warming and its risks, as well as mitigation and adaptation strategies, and assessing them from a scientific perspective.

The latest Sixth Assessment Report is divided into three publications. The first part (August 2021) deals with the physical basis. The second part (February 2022) on climate change impacts, adaptations and vulnerabilities. The third part (April 2022) deals with aspects of mitigation of climate change.

The Sixth Assessment Report comprises over 10,000 pages and was written by 721 authors from 90 countries who evaluated over 230,000 publications. An overview of each of the three sub-areas is provided in the summary for policy makers.


The German Climate Consortium (Deutsche Klima-Konsortium e. V. - DKK) is an association of German university and non-university research institutions in the field of climate research and climate impact research. It promotes the exchange of information and supports interdisciplinary cooperation. Forschungszentrum Jülich is also a member of DKK. Prof. Dr. Astrid Kiendler-Scharr, director at IEK-8, is a member of the DKK board.

On the DKK website there is, among other things, a compilation of important facts about climate change, answers to frequently asked questions.

is an information portal with the aim of providing the wider public with basic knowledge on the topics of climate change and climate protection.

These pages summarize the facts about climate change. They also go in detail how to cope with often asked critical questions.

Scientists for Future

is an initiative of scientists in support of the student movement Fridays for Future. The scientists emphasize that the concerns of the youth are justified and would be supported by the best available science. Like the student movement, they call for faster implementation of climate action.

In addition to information on climate change facts, numerous materials such as presentations, graphics, and argumentation aids are stored here.

Interactive information and animations

  • The climate stripes, which can also be seen at the top of this page, show the development of the ground temperature in the global mean. On the page "Show your Stripes" ( you can also display them for different regions.
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