The task of INM-10 is to develop a consistent, cross-scale model of brain function and dysfunction from the single neuron level to the whole brain. To this end, unified protocols will be developed at all scales. The goal is to better understand function and dysfunction in mentally ill patients and to derive and test biologically valid models of neuropsychiatric diseases in the institute and to offer these in perspective as a starting point for diagnostic measures as well as therapeutic innovations.

For this purpose, the competences of clinical psychiatry (U. Habel) and computational neuroscience (M. Diesmann, S. Grün) are bundled in the cross-locational institute of RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich.

Research into the basic functional principles of the brain is carried out in JBI1 / INM-10 in the working group teams:

Neuropsychology of adulthood

Function of cortical circuits

Structure of cortical functional units


Research Data Management