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The Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine investigates the organization and function of the human brain at its various spatial and temporal scales. The high complexity of the brain as well as its manifold changes during the lifespan and in neuropsychiatric diseases require the integration of innovative neuroimaging and high-performance computing. We complement basic neuroscientific research with methods from the fields of modeling and simulation as well as artificial intelligence - this enables us to gain new insights from large and heterogeneous data ("Big Data") and to advance the development of these methods. On this basis, the INM contributes to the understanding of biological and cognitive information processing and its application to neuromorphic technologies. The INM promotes translation into clinical application with the goal of better understanding, diagnosing and treating neurological and mental diseases.

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Managing Director: Prof. Dr. Alexander Drzezga


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Structural and functional organisation of the brain (INM-1)

Molecular Organization of the Brain (INM-2)


Cognitive Neuroscience (INM-3)

Medical Imaging Physics (INM-4)


Nuclear Chemistry (INM-5)

Computational and Systems Neuroscience (INM-6 / IAS-6)


Brain and Behaviour (INM-7)

Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS) Computational Biomedicine (IAS-5 / INM-9)


JARA-Institute: Brain structure function relationships: Decoding the human brain at systemic levels (INM-10)

JARA-Institute: Molecular Neuroscience and Neuroimaging (INM-11)