41st IFF Spring School

Electronic Oxides: Correlation Phenomena, Exotic Phases, and Novel Functionalities

08 - 19 March 2010 . Jülich . Germany

The IFF Spring School 2010 will provide a solid introduction into the basic physics of oxide materials, from crystal to electronic structure, and the many fundamental phenomena. Advanced experimental techniques from preparation and characterisation to microscopies, scattering and spectroscopies will be elucidated. Overviews on materials of current interest, exotic phases found in these materials and phenomena relevant for application will be given, before functionalities and devices are being presented in detail. The school aims at awakening the interest of students and young scientists in this fascinating class of materials by leading them from a basic knowledge of solid state science all the way to the pressing fundamental challenges and to current and possible future technological applications of electronic oxides.


The topics of the lectures cover:

  • Electronic structure of complex oxides
  • Orbital, spin and charge ordering
  • Microscopies, spectroscopies and scattering methods
  • High temperature superconductivity
  • Magnetoresistance manganites
  • Multiferroics
  • Exotic interface phenomena
  • Applied polar oxides
  • Nanoferronics
  • Nanoionics-based resistive switching
  • Oxides for energy conversion
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