Quantum Algorithms


The quantum algorithm group at PGI-12 studies quantum algorithms for currently available Noisy-intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) computers and techniques to mitigate the effect of errors that affect these devices. We also study beyond NISQ quantum algorithms that would run on a fully error-corrected quantum computer and classical algorithms inspired by their quantum counterpart. The group is led by Tobias Stollenwerk.

Research Topics

  • Application focused Quantum Algorithms (NISQ and FTQC)
  • Diagrammatic Methods for Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Error Mitigation
  • Quantum Compilation


Dr. Tobias Stollenwerk


Building 02.18 / Room 2016

+49 2461/61-2076


Group Members

External PhD Students

  • Leonhard Hölscher (BMW)

External MSc Students

  • Victoria Wadewitz (LMU, TUM)
  • Krish Ramesh (RWTH Aachen)
  • Gabriel Rath (Universität des Saarlandes)

Funded Projects

Last Modified: 25.03.2024