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Lecture notes University of Duisburg-Essen

Prof. Claus M. Schneider

Summer Semester 2015





lec Magneto-optics: IntroductionNotescms Classical Treatment Notescms of MO effects, magnetic data storage and sensoricsNoteslp spectroscopy in VUV and soft X-raysNoteslp Magneto-opticsNotescms X-ray Circular DichroismNoteslp Absorption Spectroscopy XMLDNotescms Magnetooptic MicroscopiesNotescms Resonant Magnetic ScatteringNotescms Dichroismn in PhotoemissionNoteslp DynamicsNotescms Magnetization DynamicsNotescms Magnetization Dynamics IINotescms

cms: Claus M. Schneider

lp: Lukasz Plucinski

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Depending on the audience, the lecture may be given in either German or English.

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