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Recent results

  • Information Technology with Nanoelectronic Systems

  • Magnetoelectronics and Spintronics


Exchange splitting and bias-dependent transport in EuO tunnel barriers (PDF, 300 kB)
M. Müller, G.-X-Miao, J. S. Moodera

Linear and quadratic magneto-optical Kerr Effect in ultrathin Fe(001) films (PDF, 181 kB)
M. Buchmeier, R. Schreiber, D. E. Bürgler, C. M. Schneider

Dynamics of spin-torque oscillators in vortex and uniform magnetization state (PDF, 337 kB)
R. Lehndorff, D. E. Bürgler, S. Gliga, R. Hertel, P. Grünberg, C. M. Schneider, Z. Celinski


Peapod synthesis on substrates (PDF, 479 kB)
C. Meyer, C. Spudat, L. Houben, C. M. Schneider

Spin-transfer torque and anisotropy in Fe/Ag/Fe spin-torque oscillators (PDF, 200 kB)
R. Lehndorff, D. E. Bürgler, A. Kákay, R. Hertel, C. M. Schneider

Large Inverse TMR in Co2Cr0.6Fe0.4Al Based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions (PDF, 162 kB)
A. D. Rata, H. Braak, D. E. Bürgler, C. M. Schneider

Electric Switching of Magnetic Vortex Cores in Nanodisks (PDF, 162 kB)
Y. Liu, S. Gliga, R. Hertel, C. M. Schneider

Asymmetric Spin-Transfer Torque in Single-Crystalline Fe/Ag/Fe Nanopillars (PDF, 190 kB)
R. Lehndorff, M. Buchmeier, D. E. Bürgler, A. Kákay, R. Hertel, C. M. Schneider

Photon-Assisted Tunneling in a Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dot (PDF, 482 kB)
C. Meyer, Ch. Spudat, C. M. Schneider


  • Condensed Matter

  • Electronic and Magnetic Phenomena


The surface electronic structure of ferromagnetic Fe(001) (PDF, 437 kB)
L. Plucinski, Y. Zhao, B. Sinkovic, E. Vescovo, C. M. Schneider

Ultrafast and element-selective demagnetization dynamics (PDF, 746 kB)
P. Grychtol, R. Adam, C. La-O-Vorakiat, M. Siemens, S. Mathias, J. Shaw, H. Nembach, T. Silva, M. Aeschlimann, M. Murnane, H. Kapteyn, C. M. Schneider


Ultrafast dynamics of a magnetic antivortex (PDF, 3 MB)
S. Gliga, M. Yan, R. Hertel, C.M. Schneider

Magnetization dynamics induced by ultra-short optical pulses (PDF, 186 kB)
A. A. Rzhevsky, B. B. Krichevtsov, D. E. Bürgler, C. M. Schneider

Magnetic domain structure of Heusler/MgO/Heusler trilayer systems (PDF, 329 kB)
A. Kaiser, C. Wiemann, S. Cramm, C. M. Schneider

Band mapping in higher-energy X-ray photoemission (PDF, 449 kB)
L. Plucinski, J. Minár, B. C. Sell, J. Braun, H. Ebert, C. M. Schneider, C. S. Fadley

Magnetic coupling across highly oriented oxidic interfaces: Fe3O4/NiO (PDF, 540 kB)
I. P. Krug, M. W. Haverkort, H. Gomonaj, L. H. Tjeng, C. M. Schneider

Metalation/demetalation strategies for magnetic molecules (PDF, 302 kB)
B. Botar, P. Kögerler

A stable molecular water oxidation catalyst for artificial photosynthesis (PDF, 4 MB)
B. Botar, P. Kögerler

The Fe/MgO Interface: The Important Role of Oxygen (PDF, 850 kB)
F. Matthes, M. Müller, C.M. Schneider

Flipping Magnetic Vortex Cores on the Picosecond Time Scale (PDF, 141 kB)
R. Hertel, S. Gliga, C. M. Schneider

Three-Dimensional Magnetic Normal Modes in Mesoscopic Permalloy Prisms (PDF, 843 kB)
M. Yan, R. Hertel, C. M. Schneider

Breakdown of the Macrospin Picture in Magnetodynamics from Spin Valves (PDF, 174 kB)
F. Wegelin , D. Valdaitsev , A. Krasyuk , S. A. Nepijko , G. Schönhense , H. J. Elmers ,I. Krug , and C. M. Schneider

Brillouin Light Scattering from Multilayers with Noncollinear Spin Configurations (PDF, 215 kB)
M. Buchmeier, H. Dassow, D. E. Bürgler, C. M. Schneider

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